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Club Plots - Standard

Regular price £30.00
Tax included.

By purchasing a club plot, you will have a dedicated, exclusive zone for your club. All club plots measure at least 20m x 15m and can accommodate at least 15 regular sized cars with tents. 

What can I put on my club plot?

Display of cars/bikes/vans/trucks/trikes plus...

Tents Bonfires
Marquees Large Inflatables (eg Bouncy Castles)
Petrol or diesel generators*
Water Slides & Paddling Pools*
Giant Twister Mat
Ping Pong, Air Hockey etc
Garden Games (skittles etc)
Furniture (tables, chairs etc)
Hot Tubs*
Video Games & Big Screens
Car Display Ramps


*Some items may be subject to inspection from our Health & Safety Officer, who might provide you with advice on safe usage. Please respect the noise curfew.  Further information about BBQ's is available here.

If you have any questions about club plots, please email us: