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The RESTORFX Show & Shine

Proudly sponsored by RestorFX

The JAE Show & Shine competition is held on Saturday 15th August and split into the following classes:

Manufacturer Classes
 Nissan Toyota
Honda Suzuki
Mazda Lexus
Subaru Mitsubishi
Other Classes
Retro Motorsport


 The NAE Show & Shine competition is held on Sunday 16th August and the show classes will be announced in April. 


Vehicles that are entered into the show and shine competition must be positioned in the display area before 9am. Vehicles can be dropped off on the Friday night for the Saturday competition if preferred, or on the Saturday night for the Sunday competition. Once in position, vehicles will not be able to be moved until the end of the competition. Prizes are presented at the awards ceremony in the stage area. 

Applications for the Show and Shine are now open. Entrants are required to submit the following images of the vehicle to be considered for the competition:

 - Full vehicle exterior 
 - Engine bay
 - Interior
 - Wheels


Places in the Show & Shine competition are limited, so early entry is recommended. 

The categories listed above are provisional and may be subject to change.