The HKS It's-A-Knockout

The HKS IKO is a range of fun and exciting competitions for clubs to enter as a team, with the chance to win amazing prizes from our incredible sponsors, HKS. 

Tug of War
A classic competition of strength and determination! 
Mens 8 / Ladies 8

So much harder than it looks, for the Endurance competition you have to hold a car tyre outstretched for as long as possible. 

Car Pull
Wearing a special harness, you have to pull a car over a set distance as quickly as possible. 

Flipper Race
You might be a legend at swimming with flippers, but can you run across our IKO field with flippers and goggles?

Space Hopper Race
The classic Space Hopper from the 80's is in the IKO field for you to bounce your way to the winners podium. 

Sponge Water Race
Moving water? With a sponge? It's not at all easy, but it is a good laugh! 

Relay Race
It's a sports day favourite and one that requires lots of sideline cheering!

It's one of the most anticipated points of Saturday, where the car clubs gather in hilarious fancy-dress costumes to win the Cosplay Competition. 

Friday Night Quiz
Hosted by Masaya Yumeda from HKS, a opportunity to earn points for your club in the IKO, whilst enjoying an evening of challenging (and some not-so-challenging) quiz questions!

To enter any of the IKO games, visit the ADMIN OFFICE during show opening hours and sign your team up.

IMPORTANT: Each participant will need to sign a medical confirmation, verifying that they are fit to do the challenges and provide next of kin details. Once signed you will be issued with a wristband which needs to be shown to the event organiser upon arrival for your competition. This is not required for the Friday night quiz. 

Good luck!

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