Thank you to everyone who joined us at JAE 2021!

Show and Shine Entrant Information


After reviewing dozens of entries for JAE’s highly regarded Show & Shine competition, we are pleased to confirm that you have been selected to take part in this years event, sponsored and judged by RestorFX.

The competition takes place on Saturday 10th August


Key Information - please take the time to read all of the details below: 

You may enter the display area within the following time slots:

Friday: 2.30pm - 8pm
Saturday: 7am - 9am

Upon entering the Show and Shine hall, you will be directed to your position by a member of our team. 

Your vehicle will be required to stay in position and cannot leave the display area until after 6pm on Saturday. 

Please bring your own buckets! Taps are located outside the hall so you can wash your cars but please make sure any polish or cleaning liquids that are spilt are cleared away thoroughly.

If you are no longer able to participate, please advise us as soon as possible so that your place can be reallocated.

You must hold a CAMPING ticket in order to participate in the Show & Shine.

You will need to show the correct CAMPING wristband to the team upon entry into the hall to enter your vehicle into the competition.



Once again, thank you for entering! 
Good luck in the competition!