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RestorFX United Kingdom is an automotive refinishing company, following years of innovation, research and development. With hundreds of partners worldwide, RestorFX are leading the way in automotive refinishing technology. Over 100,000 vehicles have benefited from the RestorFX range of products with hundreds of vehicles processed daily across the globe.


RestorFX’s all-new Polymimetic Coating Technology mimics and blends seamlessly with the original finish, intelligently adhering to it and repairing damage for a complete restoration, and very high levels of satisfaction. RestorFX have tested this for 13 years, and in various climates, so they know it works. With impressive results.

The full RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System includes:




RestorFX Renew
Removes 99%, yes 99%, of all clear coat damage to any paint finish.
Protects against further damage from poor or extreme weather and everyday wear and tear.

RestorFX Refinish
Intelligently repairs chips and scratches using our unique, intelligent technology.
Achieves a smooth, glob-free appearance every time.
RestorFX Retain
Secures an extra layer of protection against weather, wear and tear and other damage.
Maintains the beautiful shine and colour of a professional factory finish.



Like all paint finishes, once a vehicle’s finish has been restored using RestorFX, it is still susceptible to regular, everyday, wear and tear, scuffs and scrapes. Using the newest and most superior technology, ClearFX will further protect that vehicle from such occurrences.

ClearFX is an automotive surface solution that works on a microscopic level, breaching the deep porous structure of automotive surfaces. It seals and strengthens the surface structure using a process of Attogenetic Surface Engineering in which the material being added bonds to and increases structural volume, and hardness. Simply think of ClearFX as the screen protector on a new mobile phone or as a super-wax over a nice paint job. It provides a vehicle’s brilliant new finish with a stalwart shield against further damage.  ClearFX improves the resistance and longevity of a paints finish.  It leaves a high intensity of visual clarity and color contrast once cured.  The resulting surface is an extremely scratch-resistant layer of high-gloss protection that lasts for years and won’t wash off!



Numbers by RestorFX
In response to all the enthusiastic calls that we at RestorFX had, we have developed a series of products that are infused with innovation, efficiency and are of the highest quality, Numbers by RestorFX.

For professionals and enthusiasts
Created for, and used by, professional car carers and happy enthusiasts around the world.

Thoughtful flow
All products are created with the end user in mind. 1 to 17, it couldn't be easier.

Outstanding engineering
Numbers by RestorFX is based on market-leading and world-renowned RestorFX technology.

Amazing results
Numbers delivers powerful and clear results through a simple and straightforward process.


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