Thank you to everyone who joined us at JAE 2021!

Club Plots Map

Club plots have been allocated according to preference of location and amount of space required in order to allow for social distancing. 

Please download the app 'What 3 Words' prior to arrival at the showground so that you can navigate to your club plot accurately. 

 Club Name Plot Number What-3-Words Location
4-Bangers A1-A pipes.iron.walked
All Things Jap A1-B reason.mavericks.husky
Street Elite A1-C1 rainfall.sagging.pacifist
JDMK A1-C2 irony.refer.duplicate
MR2OC/IMOC A1-D cooks.backpacks.remove
Combustion Punks A2-A
Car Friends A2-B crumb.equlity.blaze
OutlawJap A2-C troll.destroyer.vivid
Micra Sports Club A2-D corrects.dressings.buck
S2KUK B1-A thrones.dressy.liberated
Lude Generation B1-B cringes.apron.cleans
ModNutz B1-C pounce.managers.limitless
Japseye B1-D panel.discusses.panting
Just Jap B2-A opera.flattery.relief
S50 Modified C1-A search.rider.creatures
JPCCNI C1-B driveways.altitude.thing
Herts JDM C1-C buckets.thank.frostbite
MX-5 Europe & Midnight 5's C1-D gentlemen.niece.atom
Celica Club C1-E
Yaris GR-4 Owners C1-F deputy.jumped.comply
Square Society C1-G clays.sprinting.digested
Newport JDM C2-A shared.mammals.backswing
JDM Dragons C2-B minute.shunts.completed
GTO Owners C2-C mirroring.grants.stepping
East Side Jap C2-D listening.couple.bleaching
Form 7 C2-E strategy.welcome.reduction
FTO Owners C2-F deprive.speaks.remotest
Club JBC (Non-Japanese) D1-A
Essex Scooby Crew D2-A
Tokyo Xclusive D2-C gashes.chess.revised
Club Eire Woodland players.doctors.scornful